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The Benefits you get for your licensing fee

We provide you with a "hands on" training program covering all aspects of the business.


We can help design your grand opening, and one of our key people will be with you to assist you in hiring and training your initial staff. We train you in the preparation of all food, presentation, and appearance, and can remain with you during the opening to iron out any problems which you may be experiencing. (Lodging, transportation and meals are not included.)


Once you’re open and operating your store, we don’t leave you all alone…We communicate. If you are having any difficulties you merely notify us and we will try to help solve it.


You will also be notified of new marketing and merchandising concepts and methods, promotional ideas, and ongoing research & development in the food world.


You will benefit through reduced pricing of product ingredients, by major food suppliers, as one of the Vincenzo’s Pizza Shops. Our licensed stores receive volume-purchasing price discounts.


We maintain continual contact with licensee, even if they are not experiencing any difficulty, in order to maintain a direct line of communication and exchange of ideas and suggestions.



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