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What we can do for you

Once the Licensing documents have been signed our team is available to help you in many area’s, if you need us, and our fees are reasonable.


First, we can assist you in finding a location that will satisfy you, the licensee, and us, the licensor.


Once a location has been approved, we can assist in the lease negotiating process to obtain the best possible terms and conditions on your behalf.


Once your lease is signed, we will have a set of plans drawn in order to get building permits. We can further provide direction to assist you in obtaining any local regulatory permits or licenses that may be required.


While building permits and plans are being checked by the city, we can help you get contractor bids.


As soon as building permits are issued we can help supervise construction.


We can also offer additional services to you at a minimal cost. These include simplified accounting and control programs, and a monthly review of your restaurants performance.


**The cost of all of the above work is not included in our estimated building costs because it can vary from minimal expenses, to a complete “turn key” operation, which would cost the most.


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